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At Eric Mercer Law, we believe in empowering individuals facing family law matters with free legal information and support. That’s why we offer a rare opportunity for a Free Case Evaluation, a service that holds immeasurable value, providing you with a chance to seek answers to crucial questions regarding your Family Law case in California. This invaluable 15-minute consultation allows you to delve into essential questions and concerns you have about your case.

Case Evaluation Success: Father’s Fear Turns to Confidence

In the serene landscapes of Grass Valley, California, a recent chapter of uncertainty unfolded for Thomas, a father navigating the complexities of a separation. Caught in the whirlwind of emotions, he grappled with questions about his family’s future and his role as a father. In the heart of this turmoil, Eric Mercer Law’s Free Case Evaluation emerged as a beacon of hope, a chance for Thomas to seek answers and guidance without financial strain.

Thomas signed on to the consultation, his heart heavy with basic questions: “How do I file for divorce in California? Do I need an attorney for a divorce?” he asked, knowing the impact legal counsel could have on the divorce’s intricacies and outcomes. The seasoned attorneys at Eric Mercer Law illuminated the significance of legal representation during such family law proceedings in California.

In California’s family law system, community property stands as a fundamental principle governing the distribution of assets acquired during a marriage. It signifies that any property obtained or income earned by either spouse during the marriage belongs equally to both partners, regardless of who acquired it. This includes income, assets, and debts accrued throughout the marital tenure. Understanding what constitutes community property versus separate property is pivotal in the division process, ensuring equitable distribution following a divorce.

The division of property was another puzzle. “How does a Family Law Attorney determine ‘community property’ after a divorce?” Thomas inquired, aware of the complexities entwined in property division. The attorneys gracefully unraveled this complexity, offering guidance through the labyrinth of legalities.

Navigating custody battles as a father

Deeply invested in his 12-year relationship with his children, Thomas is fraught with concern about the possibility of losing custody amidst the complexities of his family law case. “What should I do as a father in a custody battle?” he questioned, anxious about protecting his parental rights. The attorneys shared strategies and insights specific to fathers navigating such battles, equipping Thomas with confidence.

Family dynamics, even the challenging ones, can influence legal proceedings. Thomas, with the help of the family law attorneys at Eric Mercer Law, was able to get clear on how to survive challenges with family dynamics during a divorce case. The attorneys provided insightful tips to the following questions, to help Thomas navigate these intricate familial situations while addressing legal matters:

“Are there typical mistakes people make during custody battles?” The attorneys shared critical insights into recognizing and evading common errors, knowledge that could significantly sway custody battles.

Child support was another vital concern. On the free evaluation call, Thomas asked “What factors determine the amount of child support paid?” Needing clarity for planning, the attorneys reassured him, shedding light on some of the crucial calculations he would need to keep in mind. Thomas immediately shot a follow-up question: “When does child support begin after a divorce, and when does it end?” The attorneys meticulously explained these timelines based on specific circumstances, alleviating his uncertainties.

Thomas’s story resonates with many facing similar challenges. Eric Mercer Law’s Free 15-minute Case Evaluation empowers individuals like Thomas, offering invaluable guidance and clarity during turbulent times. Within a month of the call, Thomas informed two of his friends that they would benefit from the same free case evaluation because of their complicated family situations. One friend was finding it difficult to deal with a divorce as an active member of the military, The other was never married and was facing the fear of losing his child completely because he didn’t know the rights of unwed parents!


Your questions deserve answers; book your Free Case Evaluation today to embark on a journey toward resolution and confidence, just as Thomas did.

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