Your Custody Rights As A Father Explained By An Experienced Sacramento Family Law Lawyer

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Sometimes, in our society, fathers can get a bad rap. And, as a seasoned family law lawyer, I’ve seen it many, many times over the years where good dads suffer with the reputation of the bad. 

But, all of this can be avoided, if the father truly wants it to be, by simply standing up for his rights!

Do Fathers Have the Same Custody Rights as Mothers in Sacramento?

You would think that this is a question that doesn’t need answering, being that a father and a mother should have equal rights to a child that they both brought into the world. All the child knows is who their mother is and who their father is, and loves them both the same. That is, until one parent talks bad about the other and paints a negative picture that makes that child or children favor them instead of their spouse! 

As an experienced family law lawyer in Sacramento, I have seen it go both ways – a mom bad-mouthing a dad and vice versa. But, you should know that none of what your spouse says about you matters under the law, and it’s just to intimidate you into not standing up for what you truly have rights for.

According to literature released by Custody X Change (a site that provides a trusted online tool that parents who share custody use all the time for parenting schedules), this type of intimidation is exactly what happens to lots of fathers, mainly because that dad actually will go into court with the negative expectation that nothing he does will really matter, and that the court will take his ex-wife’s side anyway, simply because she’s the mother.

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I will be more than happy to help you with all the legal uncertainties that you feel as the father of a child or children that you will be required to visit via an agreed-upon schedule with your ex. 

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Eric Mercer

Eric Mercer is the owner and primary attorney at the Law Office of Eric Andrew Mercer based in Sacramento, California, but represents clients all over California. He started his legal career as a patent litigator at an intellectual property law firm in Palo Alto, California. He formed his own law firm in 2009, where his practice includes family law, consumer law, and personal injury. His family law practice focuses on parents’ custody rights and support. His consumer practice focuses on individual and class action litigation involving mortgage loan servicing, foreclosure avoidance options, mortgage origination, foreclosure rescue scams, automobile fraud, and unfair debt collection. His personal injury practice focuses on bicycle and motorcycle accidents. He is experienced in California and federal courts through all phases of litigation, trial and appeal.

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