Surviving Your “Monster-in-Law” During Your Family Law Case

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As a seasoned family law attorney, I can tell you that some situations I’ve seen in real-life cases are not too far from fiction. For example, have you ever heard someone call their spouse’s parent a “monster-in-law?”

The phrase gained popularity when a movie came out in the mid-2000’s named Monster-in-Law (2005) starring Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda, and it was about a mother who was super-overprotective over her grown son and his chosen wife to be!

The situation from the loved on-screen comedy is similar to what experienced family law lawyers see all the time when handling cases that have to do with serious issues such as custody, and that’s the parent of one party harassing their son or daughter’s spouse.

Your Sacramento Family Law Attorney’s Monster-in-Law Advice

There was some good advice on this topic that I read in a published piece from Family Education in late 2022, where the author, Elisa Cinelli, told her readers that it is a good idea for each party to “address their own parents when issues come up” (Cinelli, 2022). 

This applies to so many situations where there’s family conflict with in-laws and,  no matter how upset you get with your monster-in-law, as your Sacramento family law attorney my advice to you would be to keep your cool, no matter what your father or mother-in-law does to try and provoke you. 

Many times (not all the time, but in a large number of instances), there is a mother-in-law who doesn’t necessarily like or get along with, say, her daughter’s husband, and will voluntarily involve herself into a situation such a divorce by, to put it bluntly, sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong.

Family law issues are complicated enough with all of the going back and forth with a spouse about who will keep the child permanently, how visitation will go, etc., without an in-law butting in and making things worse, trying to have things their way. 

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