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You don't need to fear your Ex or the Court Room with Eric Andrew Mercer on your side. 

Need assistance working out custody issues, child visitation or parenting schedules? Trying to negotiate child support or modify existing agreements? Want someone to make sure your parental rights are defended? Navigating family law issues can be a overwhelming situation. Eric is here to make sure you get to spend time with your child and your parental rights are protected.

Despite the fact that laws are composed unbiased, interpreting them and applying them can appear biased. Some guys can give all men a bad reputation; some good guys frequently “shoot themselves in the foot” by giving up their rights. Men should not presume they can trust their ex to be fair. Improper action contributes to poor results in both money and child matters.

Many times it requires great effort and a lot of courtroom discussion at hearings to guarantee men are treated fairly in child custody, visitation, and support cases. Eric and his team enjoy these challenges and feel especially good after assisting fathers and children reestablish relationships. They are aware that fathers are extremely important to child growth and recognize that dads can be quite creative and successful in sharing indoor and outdoor adventures with their children. Most people will agree that generally, kids are better off with both parents. In the modern era of large numbers of split marriages and complicated post relationships, it is still important that each child continues to enjoy a connection with his or her daddy. It is quite rewarding to us when our efforts and ability can create a better position for children by helping their fathers.

The presumption of society can often be that moms are fit and eligible to custody of the children and that fathers care less than mothers do about their kids. Convincing the court differently is a daunting task. A man’s estimated income and ability to pay can also be too casually decided.

We ensure your case will be settled in a timely and civilized manner. We know this is a stressful time for you, so we’ll make it as easy as possible to get your case resolved.

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