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Reviews for Our Sacramento Law Office

Fantastic Lawyer

Andrew F.

Great service. Very professional. Highly recommended.

Great Lawyer

Walter H.

As an attorney myself, I am known and am in frequent contact with many attorneys. To handle legal issues related to my personal lawsuit, however, I hired Eric. He is extremely competent; I recommend him unreservedly.

Very Helpful and Knowledgeable

Gordon M.

During 2016, attorney Eric Mercer took over my loan modification/home foreclosure case, at a time when my case was facing dismissal after two years of ineffective representation by another law firm. Eric brought his considerable knowledge of loan modifications, home foreclosures, and state and federal law pertaining to modifications and foreclosures to my case; and he soon revived the case. Before 2016 ended, the Court had granted a Temporary Restraining order and a Preliminary Injunction, which halted the servicer’s illegal attempts to foreclose without having properly reviewed my loan modification applications. Ultimately, the servicer paid a substantial sum to settle the case. If you are facing foreclosure and/or need a loan modification, I unequivocally recommend the Law Office of Eric Andrew Mercer.

Excellent Real Estate Lawyer

Mark P.

I would certainly recommend Mr. Mercer for legal service; and I have. After my lender denied my loan modification, I was lost and in fear of losing my house. Mr. Mercer has successfully helped many borrowers as myself in a difficult hardship situation and so what better person to go to than someone that has proof. For the average person who pays a monthly mortgage, losing a job can be very devastating. That is exactly what happened to me. Although I was fortunate to find another job, my new salary was less than my previous job, which made it very difficult for me to meet my mortgage payments. My financial hardship is one of the criteria’s to qualify for a loan modification so I applied with my lender. After a 3 month process of miss guided information, my loan modification was denied by my lender. Refusing to accept losing my home as an option, I decided to seek alternative options. I came across many counsel services soliciting their guarantee to help but when I called, the people I spoke to were telemarketers with a serious sales pitch. This is when I spoke to my cousin who was successful in modifying his loan and referred me to a lawyer in Sacramento by the name of Eric Andrew Mercer. I called Mr. Mercer, scheduled to meet in person, and the rest was history. During our initial consultation, Mr. Mercer was very clear and concise with the task in hand and the next series of events that is about to unfold. Throughout the whole litigation process, all mortgage payments were seized and most importantly, the end result was everything we hoped for and more. Mr. Mercer successfully modified our loan with a staggering new APR rate of 2%; not only that, about 1/3rd of the total principal was reduced. My family and I are very pleased with Mr. Mercer for saving our home and we cannot thank him enough for his services.

Amazing Lawyer

Brandon H.

I searched for months for an attorney to represent me, and my rights. I contacted a number of non-profit organizations looking for assistance with no real solution being provided. Then I found Mr. Mercer, I immediately knew he would fight for my rights and I hired him to represent me. I am very satisfied with Mr. Mercer’s representation in my case and I would strongly and confidently recommend his law firm to anyone in need of legal assistance.

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