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Have you been in a car or bicycle accident? Do you have medical bills stacking up? Eric is a cyclist himself, and understands how frustrating and scary it can be to be in a cycling accident. The Law Office of Eric Andrew Mercer provides personal injury law in Sacramento, California.

In a city dominated by automobiles, individuals who choose to ride a bicycle on traffic-congested roads are paving the way for change. The absence of parking and public transit in cities makes cycling a rewarding option for many commuters and enthusiastic cyclists. However, this movement, based on sustainability and new urbanism, faces serious challenges.

Much needs to change, especially with drivers of vehicles and their own awareness of cyclists on the road and how to act around them. We advocates for cycling say, “You can’t see what you’re not looking for.”

Work with someone who understands what you’re going through: Eric Mercer. He has a substantial amount of experience and brings a passion that you won’t get anywhere else.

Every single day, the protection of cyclists is placed at risk by a lack of attentiveness by motorists, lack of bicycle lanes, dangerous road conditions and other problems in infrastructure. The problems are somewhat costly, not only to the town with payouts to injured cyclists quadrupling in the past ten years, but also to victims and their families, whose lives are affected dramatically by serious, life-changing or life-ending injuries.

He knows it’s not just about getting a settlement and injuries fixed — it’s about holding the negligent accountable and making the roads safer as well.

We’ll do our best to get your injuries addressed, the personal injury settlement you deserve, and we’ll have you back on the road in no time!

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