When Does Child Support Begin After a Divorce?

child support after divorce

The question on many parent’s minds during a divorce is when child support begins. Usually, one parent has a higher income than the other. In many cases, a parent did not work throughout the marriage. There are many factors which impact child support. However, when is the first check written?

The time child supports begins varies case-by-case. Typically, it is when the parents file for divorce. A parent can then request child support. The opposing parent has nine days to respond before a hearing is set for a temporary order. At the time of hearing, the parents will be able to provide their paperwork and a testimony. The court will then issue a decision. The parent must begin payments when the decision is made by the court.

There are a number of factors that determine child support payments. The court will calculate income, disabilities, schedules, day-care costs, and more. Currently, an order of $100 is required unless a parent is disabled, in jail, or receiving public benefits.

Child support cases are usually very drawn out with appeals. You do not need a family law attorney to file for child support. However, child support can be a battle. When this occurs, an attorney will fight for your best interest.

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