Mistakes People Make During Custody Battles

child custody mistakes

As a family law lawyer of many years, I can tell you that some clients have bad intentions during custody battles, and that these intentions are normally big mistakes that can majorly hurt their case.

Advice from a Family Law Attorney on Mistakes People Make During Custody Battles

Keeping the Child from the Other Parent

It never looks good when one parent seems to be trying to alienate the other parent from the child.

I’ve seen this happen many times, where one parent will do all they can to try and disparage the other parent in front of the judge. I always advise people not to do that, because the court sees right through it, and it will almost always reflect negatively back on the person who is trying to tarnish the other’s image.

Talking Bad About (Disparaging) the Other Parent

This ties in with the above mistake, in that sometimes a parent will try to say that the other has a bad reputation or history in the hopes that the courts will see them as more innocent and trustworthy than the opposing party. The worst part about this is that, in many instances, the parent saying these things has no actual proof to back up the claims they are making against the other person.

Letting Other People Call the Parent “Mom” or “Dad”

Yes, this goes both ways. As an experienced family law lawyer, I’ve seen it where a mother will, after seeing another person for a while, allow the children to call the man “Dad” and vise-versa. Not only does this hurt your case, but it harms the children psychologically. 

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