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When it comes to couples parting, I have seen the litigation process when it goes smoothly as well as when it gets ugly as an experienced family law attorney

Still, I get asked the question all the time what the difference is between a couple splitting by divorce versus breaking up with what is referred to as a dissolution of marriage. Let’s take a look at both of these terms, and determine which one best fits your current situation.

Is There a Difference Between a Divorce and a Dissolution?

Getting these two confused is a common mistake, because most people just see breaking up as breaking up, no matter what you call it! But, there is a different way of going about things when a couple is actually in agreement to separate than when they can’t be civil towards one another and/or get along.

When one person wants out of the relationship (for infidelity, growing apart, or whatever reason) and the other person doesn’t, then it is generally called a divorce. It is normally when the person who wants out of the marriage wants the court to come into the picture and decide how the marriage will end, decide who gets custody, etc.

A divorce is the ultimate result of a dissolution, but a dissolution is when both parties are on the same page, both want to split ways peacefully, and already mostly have their custody decisions made between themselves.  

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In the State of California, there are some requirements in order to attain a summary dissolution, such as the fact that you and your ex cannot have any children who are minors, and the woman cannot be pregnant at the time of the dissolution. 

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