Can Foreclosure Be Avoided?


Foreclosure is a scary thing. It often happens in the most desperate situations. The risk of foreclosure occurs when a borrower must pay back a late loan. To do this, they need to take ownership of the property and sell it. This choice essentially means giving up the property for the sake of getting caught up on loans. It can be tricky to figure out how to avoid this item.

Keep on reading to learn how you might be able to avoid foreclosure. There are a few measures that you can take to get yourself back on track and focus on the problem at hand. With any luck, these will allow you to get caught up on payments and leave the idea of foreclosure behind.

Avoiding Foreclosure

Get a File in Place

To avoid foreclosure, you will need to gather everything in one place. Start organizing your stuff. You can keep this in a filing cabinet or another secure location. All that matters is that it is one place, and you know the significance of every item.

Some examples of papers you should have might be:

  • Insurance information
  • Letter copies
  • Mortgage copies
  • Promissory note
  • Payments records

All of these will come in handy when trying to steer clear of foreclosure.

Make sure that you have these on hand at all times. Keep them clear of any damage, which could ruin your attempt to avoid this downfall. These papers will come in handy if you need to deliberate anything.

Figure Out Your Legal Rights

Some of these documents should also make it clear what can happen if you get into financial trouble. You can also figure out any late charges or excess fees the loan provider can push on you.

You might even be able to see how long you can be late before foreclosure can begin. If the loaner tries to push it on you earlier, you need to clarify that you know your rights. They cannot overstep their boundaries as you cannot step over yours.

Gather All of Your Financial Information

Financial information is also vital. These items can help you decide if you can get an alternative to foreclosure, which a servicer can help you to determine. This option can save you from losing your property altogether.

Some examples of financial items that you should gather include:

  • Any format of income, such as unemployment or child support
  • Rental income
  • Bank statements
  • Federal tax returns
  • Alimony

Any other items should be gathered together and kept in a spot where you will have access to them at all times during this period of uncertainty.

You should keep these safe, just like the other vital papers. Keep them clear from harm by storing them in a filing cabinet or other solid container. These have the potential to save your home or business from foreclosure with a simple examination.

Address the Problem

When the issue of foreclosure arises, many try to run from it rather than take it as it comes. This reaction is a terrible idea. By pushing foreclosure off to the side, it is likely to get worse rather than better. Running is never the best option.

By taking on the problem, you have the potential to avoid foreclosure rather than losing your home or business. There are many people out there who are willing to help you avoid or fix any threat of foreclosure. It can seem scary but letting it get worse is even more terrifying.

Check Your Mail

You should always check your mail if you want to avoid foreclosure. While many lenders will contact you through electronic formats, you do not want to miss anything they send you. Reading everything on time is often the difference between losing and winning.

Always be looking at:

  • Your email
  • Your texts
  • Your physical mail

You might receive contact in any of these ways.

If you get a message, respond to it as fast as you can. Do not delay. If you can pay, pay right away. Holding off will only dig you further into a hole if you are on the brink of foreclosure.

Budget and Prioritize Your Spending
Budgeting and prioritizing your spending is a simple way to gain finances so that you can get back on track with your payments. You should form something realistic and prioritize only the essentials while attempting to fix the potential of foreclosure.

Some examples of items that you can prioritize financially include:

  • Groceries
  • Electric bills
  • Loan payments

All of these should be at the top of your list.

If you can, avoid unnecessary expenses like eating out and clothes. Limit your entertainment services and cut back on heating and cooling as much as you can. Being smart with your money will provide you with extra for the loans costing you your place.

Get the Help of an Attorney Service

Attorney services, such as our own here at Eric Mercer Law, can assist you if you are dealing with the threat of foreclosure. If you decide to use an attorney service, they can help you with items such as:

  • Other options for avoiding foreclosure
  • Understanding rights that you might have
  • Finding wrongful foreclosure and other forms of misconduct

An attorney service can guide you with all of these items.

Attorneys always have plenty of experience with foreclosure, so you shouldn’t be afraid to speak with them about these matters. They can help guide you in a direction that will free you from losing your home or property.

Embrace Options

Our last advice for avoiding foreclosure is to embrace your options. Always keep an eye out for programs and financial benefits that can help you out. Talk to people who can assist you. Keep track of all your finances. Work on your loans with a trusted individual.

Avoiding foreclosure might seem impossible, but there are always options. Don’t give up. Keep your mind open, your finances tracked, and your loans on your mind. By staying focused and being financially intelligent, you should be able to avoid foreclosure and push yourself out of the way of ever experiencing something like that again.

About the author 

Eric Mercer

Eric Mercer is the owner and primary attorney at the Law Office of Eric Andrew Mercer based in Sacramento, California, but represents clients all over California. He started his legal career as a patent litigator at an intellectual property law firm in Palo Alto, California. He formed his own law firm in 2009, where his practice includes family law, consumer law, and personal injury. His family law practice focuses on parents’ custody rights and support. His consumer practice focuses on individual and class action litigation involving mortgage loan servicing, foreclosure avoidance options, mortgage origination, foreclosure rescue scams, automobile fraud, and unfair debt collection. His personal injury practice focuses on bicycle and motorcycle accidents. He is experienced in California and federal courts through all phases of litigation, trial and appeal.

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